Our Team

Warren Morey – General Manager

Warren has worked in the complementary Healthcare industry since 1994 and is in charge of all operations at PPC.  Warren is a qualified herbalist and nutritionist and his vast knowledge and broad experience provides great insight into all aspects of complementary medicines, health foods, personal care, and the challenges of retailing.  Warren is the “go to person” for any questions you have on contract manufacturing, or ways that we can help grow your business better.

Tony Dilabio – Production Manager

Tony has been in charge of production at PPC since 2008.  Making a herbal extract is not as easy as it sounds and requires a unique combination of Science and Art. Tony uses both these skills to produce authentic herbal extracts that capture the essence and quality of the starting materials, and meet the needs of every customer.  He is passionate about what he does and always has an idea on the go.  Talk to him about your ideas……

Nan Lu – Quality Assurance Manager

Nan joined us in January 2012 and she has been an integral contributor to the many changes in PPC over the last 3 years.  Nan’s focus is on Quality and her attention to detail keeps PPC running smoothly.  She has a degree in Chinese Materia Medica from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, and a Masters in Public Health from Melbourne University.   Her role is to ensure PPC complies with, and surpasses, the standards required in the TGA Code of Good Manufacturing Practice.  She is a dedicated, popular and passionate member of our team.

Judy Mason – Sales and Customer Care

Judy is one of our key contact points with customers and she is committed to hearing what you have to say and more importantly, exceeding your expectations.  Judy has a natural instinct for what looks good and she also knows how to sell and promote almost anything!!  Judy was instrumental in the “new look” of PPC and also the exciting revisions to our Wild range of products. Judy is the person most likely to call on retail stores selling our products and her feedback on what works, and what doesn’t, is an important component of our growth

Jenny – Administration and Finance

Jenny is in the front line of PPC and is probably the person you will speak to first if you call us.  Jenny will take your order, answer your questions and in general, make sure that everything happens smoothly.  If she can’t answer your question, she will find someone who can.  Jenny also purchases our raw materials, manages the accounts and our office and generally makes sure we do what we are supposed to do!!

Stacey Katoa – Production

Stacey is the longest serving and most experienced member of the team at PPC. Starting with us in 1999, Stacey has accumulated a treasure trove of knowledge around all aspects of our production and manufacturing activities. If we want to know something about how we made a product in the past, Stacey can always tell us!!!  She is a cheerful, caring and enthusiastic member of our team and the person we turn to when we want help in training new employees or casual staff.

Cobie  – Production

Cobie is our youngest member of staff, and also one of our most capable and enthusiastic.  Cobie can work across a broad range of different areas within PPC but she is particularly skilled in the area of Homeopathic remedies.  Cobie has great insights into many aspects of what we do at PPC and she always has a suggestion on better ways for us to do our work.  She has become a very valuable member of our company and plays an important role as we grow in size and expand our range of products and services.

Pei Chin – Senior Formulation Chemist

Pei joined the PPC team in August 2014 from Stiefel Research Australia, Pei devotes her time between helping develop our own PPC products, or in working with our Contract Customers to make sure that their needs are met.  Pei has enjoyed the change to working in the Herbal and Natural Products area, and also her greater involvement in the scale-up from development work to full manufacturing capability.  She is a real character and has rapidly assimilated into our small team with her “hands on” approach and enquiring mind.

Tadhg O’Leary – Despatch and Warehouse

Tadhg (pronounced like “Tiger” without the “r”) joined us in March 2015 and has taken over responsibility for the despatch of orders to customers.  A native of Ireland (could you guess by the name?), he has a background in Herbal Science from Cork Institute of Technology and is putting into practice many of the things about herbs and natural medicine that he learnt then!!  A natural communicator, Tadhg is quickly learning many aspects of our business and is always ready to lend a hand to those who need it.  A real good bloke!!

Tom Mason – Managing Director 

Tom re-joined the PPC team in April 2014 and he is enjoying learning the business.  He is focusing on the strategy and some key functional areas, and leaves the operational issues to Warren to look after.  He enjoys meeting people and is always ready to talk to anyone about their requirements and/or feedback.  Tom is very happy to be working with such a capable and enthusiastic group of people at PPC and continues to be amazed at the resilience and creativity of Australian owned and operated businesses.  Every day is an adventure!!