Media Release – PPC introduces new options to their Wild herbal shampoo and conditioner range

The Pharmaceutical Plant Company (PPC), experts in organic herbal liquids, introduces new options to their affordable Wild herbal shampoo and conditioner range.

Keeping up with consumer requests, PPC, the largest herbal manufacturer in Victoria, now manufactures the already successful WILD hair care range of herbal shampoos and conditioners in a larger 500ml size. The WILD range has existing complementing shampoos and conditioners for all kinds of hair types including normal to dry, normal to oily, dark hair and sensitive scalps. The addition of a new volumising shampoo and conditioner based on organic herbal extracts of Burdock, Chamomile, Hops, Horsetail, Nettle and Oats, now caters for fine hair.  PPC also added a new Spring Body Wash with organic herbal extracts of Sage, Vervain, Wood Betony and Yarrow which is formulated with a natural base to cleanse and soothe the skin.

The WILD range of shampoo, conditioners and body washes are based on quality extracts made from medicinal grade, certified organic herbs. They are formulated with a variety of plant proteins to enrich, nourish and strengthen hair while catering for all kinds of hair types.

“As the largest and only certified organic herbal manufacturer in Victoria, we have combined our experience and dedication to customer needs to develop a natural hair care range based on medical grade certified organic herbs to provide consumers with more quality options” said Warren Morey, PPC General Manager. “The inclusion of a larger 500ml size of shampoo and conditioners, a new Spring body wash and the addition of our volumising shampoo and conditioner for fine hair continues to provide consumers with an extended selection in the natural hair and body care sector” said Warren Morey.

The products in the WILD range contain no animal products or testing, artificial colours, detergents, perfumes, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, parabens or propylene glycol.

All the herbs used in the WILD range are medicinal grade, certified organic. PPC only uses real herbal starting materials and does not reconstitute from syrups or powdered extracts. PPC does not use any isolation processes ensuring that the full chemical profile of the herbal material is present in all the herbal extracts, just as nature intended. All of the herbs are independently tested at Southern Cross University, a world class facility in phyto-pharmaceutical testing.

“The WILD range stands above the rest because of our commitment to using the highest quality medicinal grade, organic herbs at an affordable price” said Warren Morey.

PPC is 100%  Australian owned and has operated in the natural health care sector for over 20 years providing organic herbal liquids to practitioners, compounding pharmacies and health food stores.  PPC’s dedicated staff is committed to providing consistent, high quality products as an affordable solution.

For Further Information:

Warren Morey

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