Wild Baby – Harvey

IMG_42522Harvey arrived in this world in early May, and it was soon apparent that his favourite activities were feeding, sleeping and looking cute.

Hubby and I soon realised just how important it is to have loving grandparents involved in the early stages of having a new baby and of course learning all of the tricks from our wonderful parents..

Harvey was not a fan of bath time initially. However after being bathed by his grandparents in a relatively luxurious baby bath, with plenty of room for splashing about, Harvey decided he loved this special time and we think our little guy has his own “bath clock” set for this daily ritual.

Mummy and Daddy quickly upgraded to a bigger baby bath, and ever since, bath time has been a highlight for the whole family. No bath is complete without Wild Organic Baby milky bath.. We took quite a lot of time to search out baby care products that come with high quality standards. Milky Bath is a really cool product. A small quantity of the clear liquid is placed into the bath water and as it hits the water, the whole bath becomes a luxurious milky colour filled with gentle emollients and a light fragrance. That’s another key thing we like about the Wild Baby range ; each product in the range has light fragrances which for us is important because we want our baby to have a gorgeous baby smell and not to smell like something out of a perfume shop.. Wild products use lovely light fragrances which are simply perfect…

Harvey has made our world , he is loved by adoring grandparents and every little thing he does becomes another photo opportunity.. Our biggest worry is running out of memory on the smart phones due to way to many pictures of our little man…

Rebecca, Steve and Baby Harvey