Wild Baby – Lucas

We always look for organic when it comes to baby care products for Lucas (our LO), and we were very happy and excited to try the Wild Organic Baby Range from PPC Herbs. Being ever inquisitive, Lucas joined mum for the ceremonial opening of the Wild Organic Pamper Pack, and from the get go we loved the earthy, organic scent!!!

Lucas loves the water and we take him swimming in our condo pool almost every day. Whilst we put a wet shirt/suit on him, he seems to get a temporary rash and some redness on his back from the water and the chlorine. He always gets a bath post-swim to remove any residual nasties, so I love how the Milky Bath starts soothing his skin immediately, and minimises the potential for any further irritation.

After bath time I always give him a massage and the Baby Lotion was perfect. I apply a small amount to the palm of my hand, then gently massage him until it absorbs; it leaves his skin incredibly soft, smooth, and well hydrated. The added benefit in a hot climate like Singapore, is that it is non greasy, so there’s no residual stickiness after applying it. He also had some eczema on his arms and legs; little dry spots some of which were red and irritated. After a few days of repeated use, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Lucas seemed less bothered by the irriation, and any redness was almost gone.

In a nutshell, I am very happy with the products and will continue using them as part of our bedtime and post-swimming routines.

All the best,


P.S. A nice surprise, was finding a little guide on baby massage inside the Pamper Pack, especially considering it is authored by a qualified professional. I am looking forward to using the Massage Oil and further honing my massage skills!