Wild Baby – Polly

Polly was born in February of this year, turning up just in time for the year of the Monkey. Our little precious bundle took her time arriving into the world, being a week over due..There was a lot curry and pineapple eaten by mummy in the last week.L1007746 copy

Polly made her entrance into the world in her own time. With the wonderful help and support of the amazing staff at NUH maternity unit, 21 hours of labour we finally met our little girl.

Early days saw some dry skin, heat spots and rashes appear but with TLC and use of Wild Organic Baby Milky Bath and Cream, these small irritations disappeared as quickly as they came..

Polly is a water baby, she knows when it is time for a bath and if we dare be 5 minutes late, she lets us know. If Polly is ready for her evening bath, that means all hands on deck. It’s always a family affair and she lavishes the attention.

As a new Mum and Dad, we want to ensure absolute care for our daughters precious skin and choose only products that come with the highest possible quality standards..that’s why we use the wild organic baby range.

Our kindest wishes to you all,

Steph, Dean and Polly..