Wild Baby – Sonia

Our joy at seeing and holding our beautiful daughter when she arrived in this world on April 23rd was an incredible feeling for myself and James. It was all very surreal when she was placed on my chest and she opened her eyes to take in who her mummy and daddy were. We were all ‘stuck’ with each other now! ; )

We had a short stay at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital after a natural birth that went according to plan (mostly) and soon we were all tucked in comfortably at home where life has been considerably different since little Miss Sonia’s arrival.

338519_origWe had now joined the cohort of new parents struggling with the routine of working out how to manage the needs of your new-born baby when in the past life, it was pretty much a simple task of regular sleep patterns and loads of social activity. I am proud to say that both James and I are working well as a tag team to ensure Sonia knows and feels safe and secure all the time (no matter how sleep-deprived we are!).

Sonia really enjoys her splish splash time when I bathe her in the morning. James takes over in the evening to give her a wipe-down at night before bed which gives the both of them special daddy time to bond.

Choosing the right baby care products is top of mind for us. Sonia, as most other new-born babies, has beautiful skin and our job is to protect it by only using the most natural and organic based products.

We found an Aussie range called Wild Organic Baby and being particular about what goes into products, I checked that the ingredients and quality statements were up to my standards.

Wild Organic Baby ticked all of the boxes and our experience with the range has been just great.

James and I also love the little massage brochure which came with our Pamper Pack authored by a local Chiropractor Dr Greg Whitehead. Dr Greg gives clear and concise instructions on the right technique for making the massage experience for baby and parents part of the precious bonding time.

Having Sonia with us is a gift words cannot do justice and we have immense joy planning for wonderful things that our expanded family will enjoy in the future.

Raspal, James and Sonia